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Welcome to the SuperSU Pro APK download page. You can download latest versions of SuperSU pro Apk from our website. The initial version of SuperSU pro APK was SuperSU v0.70 and released on 9th of march 2012. But this first version had some issues and bugs. After that the developer Chainfire developed new versions with updated features.

The latest version of SuperSU pro APK download is SuperSU Pro v2.79 and released on 03.01.2017.This latest version has so many updated features. This version can works with phones which are not fully rooted.

SuperSU Pro Apk Requirement: This tool requires android 3.0 and 500mb ram. And this is minimum requirements in your rooted device to install SuperSU pro APK.

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Credit for SuperSU Pro Apk

A big thank goes to Chainfire, for his great invention and contribution of the Android development tools. Another thank goes to XDA, for their contribution for the Android community.